English Walnut (Carpathian Walnut) J. Regia


Zone 4 to 8.   SEE ZONE MAP

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Large growing tree with bark turning to a whitish colour as tree matures.  Most trees are from the Carpathian strain, unless otherwise noted.  Very hardy.  Hybrids were obtained from Germany, China, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, and Korea.

Vvarieties: Hanson, Broadview, Colby 2, Lake, Manregian & Somers.  Hybrids from Countries listed above. 


8 - 12 inches                                                                                                        10.00

 13 - 18 inches                                                                                                     16.00

19 - 24 inches                                                                                                      sold out




Japanese Heartnut (Juglan ailantolia var. Cordiforis)

Zone 4 to 8     SEE ZONE MAP.

Very fast growing, hardy, tropical in appearance. The nuts hang in clusters, similar to grapes, with up to 20 nuts in a cluster. Usually grows wider than taller, but some varieties produce good timber type trees. Taste is mild, somewhat like the nut pines, but do not have the nutritional value the nut pines have. Selected from superior varieties.  The heartnut is low in cholestrol and high in protein and filled with antitoxants.
 Varieties: Etter, Brock, Wright, Mitchel, Rhodes.

3 years                                                                                                        sold out
4 years                                                                                                     
  sold out
5 years                                                                                                        sold out

Northern Pecan ( Carya illinoensis)

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A very hardy Northern variety of pecan.   Our selection was located in an area north of Chicago which has produced ultra size of nuts each year for the past several years. The nuts are well filled and the kernel is very tasty.   We now offer this very  productive  tree as the best selection from our many trials over 40 yeae plus.

  12 - 20"                                                                                         sold out

  24 - 36"                                                                                         sold out

Shagbark Hickory (Carya ovata)

Zone 3 to 7     SEE ZONE MAP.

Favorite of the hickories. Fast growing tree. Noted for its bark as tree matures.

8 - 10 Inches                                                                                                 $12.00 each
12 - 17 Inches                                                                                               sold out

18 - 26 inches                                                                                               sold out



Shell bark Hickory (Carya laciniosa)

Zone 4 to 7     SEE ZONE MAP.
It resembles the shagbark in its shaggy trunk and elongate scaly buds. The leaves typically have five leaflets. This is a fine specimen tree which should be used more for landscaping and nuts are appealing as well.

  8 - 12 inches                                                                                               $15.00 each
13 - 20 inches                                                                                               sold out


King nut Hickory (Carya laciniosa-Kingnut)

Zone 4 to 7     SEE ZONE MAP.

Large tree with tropical like leaves. The tree is very handsome and distinguished and should be used more for landscaping and ornamental purposes. Produces the largest of the hickory nuts with all reaching or exceeding the size of the black walnut nut. As trees mature, bark flakes similar to shagbark hickory. We originally selected superior King nut trees and obtained seed and seedlings from the State of Missouri. The orchard is now 40 years of age and have been producing large crops of nuts for the past 34 years.

 8 - 12 inches                  $15.00 ea   
14 - 20 inches                 sold out



  Mature King nut Hickory Tree with large husks, waiting to fully develop

Hazelnut or filbert

Zone 3 to 7     SEE ZONE MAP.

Bush type grows to 20 feet plus.   Nuts are medium to large with well filled tasty nuts. May be planted in rows, spaced at 10 feet.

I  worked in developing several strains which have shown to be immune to the blight for this number of years.  From the varieties listed below we have  grown  and offer them as a commercial crop for their abundant crops of large size nuts.Varieties listed are:  Gellatley Hybrids(Jack Gellatly from British Columbia selections), Car3, car6, car9, car12, Geneva, Slate,Yamhill, Farris hybrid.

  8 - 12 inches                                                                                          sold out
12 - 24 inches                                                                                          sold out
26 - 36 inches 
                                                                                         sold out


Trazel ( Corylus avellana x colurna)

Zone 4 to 7      SEE ZONE MAP.

Tree to 60 feet.
Shrubby when Young, eventually a large tree bearing heavy crops of good tasting nuts.
Limited supply.

  6 -12 inches                                                                                           sold out
14 - 24 inches                                                                                          $24.00 each
21 - 34 inches                                                                                          $28.00 each

Chinese Tree Hazel (Corylus chinensis)

Chinese Tree Hazel (Corylus chinensis)
Zone 4 to 7      SEE ZONE MAP

Tree type of hazel. Unusual bark appearance with mottled streaks. Very ornamental in appearance. As tree matures the bark becomes a grayish mottled appearance. Some training required to maintain tree form in early years.  Mature height to 80 feet+.
Nuts are medium to large with a true filbert taste. Blight resistant.  Very limited supply for 2016.
  9 - 14 inches                           18.00 each

15 - 22 inches                           20.00 each                                                                                         

Turkey Tree Hazel (Corylus colurna)

Zone 4 to 7     SEE ZONE MAP.

Tree type form. Grows to maturity at 90 - 120 feet. Bark on tree is unusual with a gray to white mottled appearance. As trees mature they take on the appearance of an upright narrow tree, but producing abundant amounts of sweet tasting nuts. Good for landscaping and ornamental purposes.

4 - 8  inches                                                                                                 sold out
12 - 18 inches                                                                                             $20.00 each

India Tree Hazel (Corylus jacquemontii)

Zone 4 to 7     SEE ZONE MAP.

Tree type of hazelnut, originally from  Jack Gellatly in British Columbia (source India).. Typical tree type of hazelnut with unusual bark which makes it such an outstanding tree. Needs some pruning to maintain tree type, but minimal.   Blight resistant.                                                                                                                                                      

  9 - 12 inches                                                                                             sold out



Hybrid hazel (Corylus avellana)

Zone 4 to 7      SEE ZONE MAP.

A selection from Germany. Originated in the Carpathian Mountains.
Outstanding features of this bush type of hazel is that the leaves in the spring are a deep purple and extremely large leaves.. A good producer of large size nuts.

10 - 24 inches                                                                                         $25.00 each


Dunstan Chestnut (Hybrid of Chineses X American Chestnut)


Zone 4-9         SEE ZONE MAP.

Very hardy!

Trees are upright in growth habit and producer of exceptionally large nuts.  Early bearing  and outstanding trait of this variety.. Their consistent yearly crop of large sweet nuts  provides high quality food, not only for human consumption, but also favoured for deer, turkey, bear and many other game and non-game species.

  8 - 12 inches                                                                                             sold out
13 - 20 inches                                                                                            $24.00 each
21 - 36 inches                                                                                            sold out



Chinese Chestnut (Castanea mollissima)

Zone 4 to 8     SEE ZONE MAP.

Trees are very ornamental in appearance and as they reach the age of bearing nuts (usually 7 years) the blossoms produce a very sweet fragrance. With its long leaves and sizable crown, it casts deep shade. Produces a sweet tasting nut. Nuts of certain varieties can be eaten raw. Others require roasting either over a fire or 1 minute in a microwave oven. Somewhat resistance to the chestnut blight, but is not totally immune.
Varieties: Gelatley hybrids, Mahogny, Orrin, Boone, Abundance,   and some other numbered varieties we have tested for production, size, hardiness, and blight resistance.

  8 - 12 inches                                                                                              sold out
13 - 20 inches                                                                                              $20.00 each
21-36 inches                                                                                                sold out

Japanese Chestnut (Castanea crenata)

Zone 4 to 8     SEE ZONE MAP.

Tree appearance is very ornamental. Very graceful. Produces large to extra large size nuts.
Bearing age is usually between 5 and 7 years.
Our selections were taken from the largest nuts we could find from different sources and after testing, we have some numbered varieties which have shown superior size of nuts, good tree form and best immunity from the blight.

  8 - 12 inches                                                                                              $15.00 each
13 - 20 inches                                                                                             sold out                        

American Chestnut (Castanea dentata)

Zone 4 to 7      SEE ZONE MAP.

Native chestnut tree to North America. Majestic tree with its great height.
We have searched and selected for the past number of years for trees that have not shown any blight. Most were isolated trees from different areas.   The nuts are smaller than Chinese or Japanese Chestnuts, but we find they are more tasty than the others.
We have a limited supply of these superior trees for sale.

  6 - 12 inches                                                                                           sold out
14 - 18
inches                                                                                           $24.00 each
19 - 34 inches                                                                                           sold out

Black Walnut (Juglan negia)

Zone 4 to 7     SEE ZONE MAP.

The tree is noted for its timber value, but is a good producer of fine edible nuts. The selections we have made were based on the timber type of growth, as well as size, thickness of shell and taste. We also one selection of a hybrid which produces a good timber like growth as well as producing a thin shelled nut, with the kernel having a mild like flavour. We have grown these in a test orchard now for over 25 years, and they have outperformed any of the named cultivars that we had tried. They produce a regular crop each year. Varieties: Hybrid, Burns,Thomas,Myers, Stabler.

  8 - 12 inches                                                                                            $10.00 each
14 - 24 inches 
                                                                                           $12.00 each
25 - 36 inches                                                                                            sold out

Butternut ( Juglan cinerea)

Zone 3 to 7     SEE ZONE MAP.

Will grow into a large tree at maturity. Noted for its light textured coloured wood.
Produces large size nuts with a very distinct flavour. Grows in a wide variety of soils.
Varieties: Craxezy, Kenworthy,DeVan, New Discovery, Van Syckle

14 - 20 inches                                                                                              $14.00 each

Buartnut (J. Cinerea x J. ailantifolia)

Zone 4 to  7      SEE ZONE MAP.

The buartnut is a hybrid cross of the butternut and the heartnut. Trees exhibit disease resistance, hybrid vigor, and bear large crops. Some nuts are very unusual.

14 to 20 inches                                                                                            $16.00 each


Xanthoceras sorbifoloium  (Yellowhorn)                                 Click Picture to Enlarge                                                               

  Zone 4 to 7    SEE ZONE MAP                 

 Small Chinese native tree having leaves recalling sorbus, and striking one-inch flowers borne in erect clusters. Blooms are cream and yellow and develop a bright red centre as they age.  The tree is noted for its landscape capacity.  It produces edible nuts which can be eaten raw or roasted. Not only are the nuts beneficial, but the leaves and other parts of trees are used for medicinal purposes.   They are being cultivated extensively as an oilseed tree to make biofuel.  The tree tolerates alkaline soil and is hardy to -35 degrees F. Prefers full sun and dry soil.


2 year transplants                                               $26.00 each


THE OAKS(Quercus)

Sweet acorn strain. Rapid growing selections.
Just 20 years ago, we started a simple selection work on the White oaks. We found strains of beautiful upright timber conformation, that grow as rapidly as the maple. We have collected SWEET acorn oak in a block and selected strains for future forage.

Burr Oak

Zone 4 to 8       SEE ZONE MAP.

Terrifically fast upright grower. Foliage large leafed of rich dark green. Places well among other foliage in autumn for its deep green contrast. Timbers rates with white. Fruit large, sweet cup oddly whiskered.

  5 - 9 inches                                                                              sold out
10 - 20 inches                                                                            $18.00 each

Sweet Acorn Oak Hybrid

Zone 4 to 8      SEE ZONE MAP

A cross between the sweet chinquapin and sweet burr oak. If your’re looking for a real timber to supply acorns.  As it is low in tannon, kernel is eatable for human consumption.  Also it cannot  be beaten for replacing corn, and other feeds for animal consumption.   Being its a hybrid it’s a terrific grower.

  5 - 12 inches                                                  $17.00 each
13 - 20
inches                                                    sold out
22 - 36
inches                                                    sold out

Beech (Fagus)

After searching for many years for the ultimate beech, one which is upright, but most importantly produced the largest nuts. We found several trees which produced large to extra large size nuts. After test planting, research and other aspects we are now able to offer these trees on a limited basis for others to try.

American Beech (fagus Grandifolia)

Zone 3 to 7      SEE ZONE MAP.

Maximum height from 60 to 120 feet.
Wide spreading crown. Dark green leaves turning golden-bronze in Fall. Its light gray coloured bark adds to its attractiveness. The nuts are large and have that special taste to them.

  12 - 18  inches                                                               $16.00 each

Ginkgo biloba - Ginkgo

Zone 4 to 7   SEE ZONE MAP

Also called Maidenhair tree. Fan shaped leaves turn clear yellow in fall. Grows best in well drained soil. Ginkgo is not infested with insect or disease. This tree takes about 10 years to produce fruit. Therefore we cannot distinguish between male and female plants.

14 - 18 inches                                                                   $15.00 each


Inoculant For Other Edible Nut Tree
.                                                                   Each bag is enough for 25 trees.

 Bag of inoculant                                                              $20.00 each