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The following hybrid oaks were selected from many sources which showed extreme hardiness, consistant yearly production, growth habit, and reliable sweet taste



BurGamble Oak


Zone 4 - 9   SEE ZONE MAP


A great cross between Bur Oak and Gambel Oak both in the White Oak family.  Quite unusual as some have produced acorns at 5 - 7 years of age.Heavy bearer of low tanin content acorns.



                     Rhora's Nut Farm & Nursery - BurGamble Oak

Bimundors Oak


Zone 3 - 9   SEE ZONE MAP


Hybrid from White Oak and English Oak.

Grows as shrub type of tree making it unusual. One of the heaviest producers of sweet acorns for wildlife.

Some have produced acorns beginning from 5 - 8 years of age.




Sargent Oak #5


Zone 3 - 9  SEE ZONE MAP


The Sargent Oak # 7 & # 5's are producers of some of the heaviest crops of large sweet acorns that you will see (anywhere between 800 - 1000 pounds [potentially 1/2 ton each year]) All different kinds of wild life will be drawn to the sweet acorns, especially the Whitetail.


Another cross from two oaks all in the white oak family.


Will grow on most soils including dry sandy to gravel types.



Bebbs Oak


Zone 3 - 9   SEE ZONE MAP


A cross between a white Oak and Burr Oak. Take note that this is one of the best hybrids for growth rate and acorn production. Produces very sweet acorn for wild life. Early producer of acorns.



                Rhora's Nut Farm & Nursery - Bebbs Oak

Burenglish Oak


Zone 4 - 8  SEE ZONE MAP


Hybrid between Burr Oak and English Oak.  Produces sweet acorns.  Is able to establish itself under adverse conditions.  Usually takes between 6 - 9 years to produce acorns.  A good selection.




 Morse Hybrid Oak


Climatic Zone 3-9      SEE ZONE MAP. 

 Cross between swamp white oak X white oak.

Morse Hybrid Oak is a unique tree in the White Oak family.   Our trees have grown to 9-13’ in 5 years from seedling trees produced. We have had some that have produced acorns by the 4th year from planting. . This is a very promising Hybrid Oak for early acorn production! One of our most promising hybrids.



             Image result for Quercus Morse

 Jack Oak Hybrid

Climatic Zone 3 -9.  SEE ZONE MAP

 Cross between  white oak X swamp white oak.

This hybred grows  well in both wet and upland soils. At our location they're planted in both clay upland soils and clay/loam moist soil. Both locations are producing equal results in terms of growth rates and acorn production. Production started as early as 4 - 5 years from seedlings and are heavy producer for young trees.




English Wide Oak

Clmatic Zone 3 -9.  SEE ZONE MAP.

 A good producer of large acorns which is excellent for wild life.  Grows in clay  to heavy soils.  Sometimes keeps it leaves later than other oaks. 








Quantities and prices for each  variety  

                                                 9-12"                 13 - 19"             20- 28"

                      1 -9                 12..00 each      18.00. each        29.00 ea

                  10 -49                11.50 each      17.00 each         28.00 ea

                   60-99                  9.75 each       14.00 each          26.00ea

                   100 +                 9.00 each       12.00 each          20.00 ea



Inoculant for above                                                                                            $18.00