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Picture of pine nut cones with seeds
Picture of Charles Rhora - Owner of Rhora's Nut Farm & Nursery, in our Nursery


The following are the varieties of Edible Nut Pine trees that are available. We have several other varieties, but they still are in the test stage, and will be available for sale in the near future. All original seeds were obtained from Europe and Asia. Namely from Switzerland, Denmark, Russia, Mongolia, Eastern Siberia, Northern China, North Korea. Zones 1 - 3.


Korean Pine - (Pinus koraiensis)

Zone 2 - 9    SEE ZONE MAP

A tall growing tree, reaching a height of 100 ft. plus. Needles are on the average of 8” in length with a light tinge colouring of bluish green, thus presenting a very ornamental appearance. Production starts at 7 - 8  years of age on the average.

Note: We have had some trees bear at the age of 6 years from seed. These are hybrids, an we observed that the seeds are much larger (30%). Also the trees have shown exceptional vigorous growth (from 15 to 25 inches each year. The seedlings will be observed and tested for growth, production, colour and size of nuts. Cone average are near 70 nuts, and filled nuts average between 90 - 95%. We found that the nuts were on the average 1 - 1 ½ times large than the original seed we planted. We find that the trees are maintenance free, with no pests to date.
Prefers sandy to sandy loam soil with adequate drainage.
Needs inoculant.

4 - 8 inches                      $10.00 each
9 - 12 inches                     $14.00 each
13 - 18 inches                   $18.00 each

21 - 26 inches                   $35.00 each
27 - 32 inches                   $42.00 each
33 - 36 inches                   N/A 


We have the following available as a pick up from the nursery.  Please contact us for further information.

6 - 7 feet                                   $100.00 each

8 - 9 feet                                   $150.00 each

10 - 12 feet                               $200.00 each





Picture of Korean Pine cones with seeds - Rhora's Nut Farm & Nursery


Armand Pine - (Pinus armandii)

Zone 4 to 9    SEE ZONE MAP

Height at maturity 60 to 120 feet. A majestic tree, with silvery-blue colour which hold all year round. The needles are look very delicate from 5 to 7 inches in length. Will grow in light clay, black loam, or sandy loam, but must have good drainage. Seed originated from Tibet.
Nut shells are thin, and easily cracked between one fingers. Nuts are smaller than the Korean pine, but other attributes to this species make it unique. Start to bear cones at the age of 5 to 8 years. Still under observation and testing here, but shows signs of a potential commercial crop. 

Needs inoculant.

6 to 8 inch seedlings                N/A

10 to 15 inch seedlings            N/A

5 year old tree; bearing cones - Click Picture to Enlarge


Jeffrey Pine - (Pinus jeffreyi)
Jeffrey Pine; bearing cones - Click Picture to Enlarge
Zone 4 to 9    SEE ZONE MAP

Maximum height at maturity to 150 feet. Tree has unusual appearance, in that the trunk diameter is quite large in comparison to height, especially when very young. Needles are very long, up to 8 inches in length. Needles give off a fragrance, especially in the Spring.

Inoculant is required.

4 - 8 inch seedlings          $14.00 ea  
9 - 16 inch seedlings        $22.00 ea


Whitebark Pine (Pinus Albicaulus)


Zone 3 to 9         SEE ZONE MAP


Maximum height at maturity to 60 feet,   Trees are noted for their smooth white exfoliating bark. with red twigs.  Very ornamental in appearance.  Bearing age is from 5 - 8 years.

Nut size is the same as Pinus cembra.


Needs inoculant.


3 year old seedlings            1/8" caliber                     $22..00 ea

Whitebark Pine (Pinus Albicaulus) - Rhora's Nut Farm & Nursery




Macedonian Pine  - (Pinus peuce)

Zone 4 to 9   SEE ZONE MAP

Maximum height at maturity 70 feet. Very ornamental pine with bluish needles in the Spring, turning to a dark green in the summer. Bearing age from 4 to 6 years. Seeds are approximately the same size as the Pinus cembra.  Potential for commercial nut production.

8 - 10 inch  seedlings                                                                           N/A 
12 - 16 inch seedlings                                                                          N/A
Picture of Macedonian Pine (Pinus peuce) width=


Pinyon Pine - (Pinus edulis)

Zone 4 to 9

Beautiful blue colour. Drought tolerant pine native to the Rocky Mountains. Short trunk with spreading branches. Edible nuts.

3 year old seedlings                                 3/16" caliper                           N/A



Siberian Pine  (Pinus cembra var. siberica)

Zone 2 to 9    SEE ZONE MAP

Trees are very ornamental in appearance having a very blue colour to the needles.  Slow growing at first, but with inoculant  they should be producing cones by 5 - 8 years.Mature height to 100 feet.     Produces a very thin shell which can be cracked between the fingers

Will grow in a variety of soils from wet clay to Peat moss or sandy loam.

Supply is very limited.

                                                                                                             $35.00 each

   16-26"                                                                                                             $55.00 each



Russian Cedar (Pinus siberica)

Zone 1 to 9    SEE ZONE MAP

Mature height to 100 feet. Tree is noted for  the thin shell of the nut.  One is able to crack it between ones fingers.  It appearance is quite outstanding   with bluish needles which makes it a very valuable landscape and specimen type of tree. . Production of cones usually start between the age of 6 to 10 years. Seeds are larger  than Swiss stone pine, but the thinness of shell makes it a very valuable type for commercial nut production.

Original seed obtained from Russia and Siberia.

Needs inoculant.
Supply is very limited.

5 - 10 inch seedlings                                                                                       $35.00 each

11-15 inch seedlings                                                                                       $55.00 each

16-22 inch seedlings                                                                                       $85.00 each

22-30 inch seedlings                                                                                      $125.00 each


(Pinus siberica f. humistrata)

Zone 1 to 9    SEE ZONE MAP

Dwarf form that grows in a clay type to coarser types of soils at higher altitudes in the mountains.

Original seed were from Asia.

Needs inoculant.
Only a few seedlings available.

6 - 9 inch seedlings                                                                                     $30.00 each

(Pinus siberica f. coronans)

Zone 1 to 9   SEE ZONE MAP

Trees have a wide and dense crown. Quite drought resistant.

Original seeds from Asia.

Needs inoculant.
Only a few seedlings available.

5 - 10 inch seedlings                                                                                   $30.00 each

(Pinus siberica f. turfosa)

Zone 2 to 9   SEE ZONE MAP

This tree grows in peat in its natural habitat. We have planted these in a light clay & peat moss, as well as sandy loam & peat with much success.

Original seed obtained from Siberia.

Needs inoculant.
Only a few seedlings available at this time.

5 - 8 inch seedlings                                                                                     $30.00 each


Swiss Stone Pine (Pinus cembra)
 Zone 2 - 9  SEE ZONE MAP

 Very hardy tree reaching at maturity of 100 feet. Will withstand extreme weather conditions.
 Potential commercial nut crop type tree. Grows in a clay type of soil with adequate moisture. In its native habitat, it grows in open areas on northern slopes in heavy clay. Although they grow in heavy clays, this will do equally as well in sandy to loam type of soil as well. Cones take three years to mature, but each year new cones are formed, insuring a continuous crop once they reach bearing age. Tree has a very attractive appearance, with a very blue colouring to the needles all year round. Has the distinction for producing edible nuts and landscaping.We have had  trees produce cones at the age 12 years, but normally it takes 14 -16 years. Although it is stated by other authorities that  crop production beginning at 40 years of age.

Requires inoculant for best growth.

9-12"                                              $26.00 each

13-17"                                           $48.00 each

18-25"                                         $100.00 each*

8 years                                        $350.00 each*

9 years                                        $495.00 each*

*  Contact us about these items


Picture of mature Swiss Stone Pine (Pinus Cembra)

Pinus pumilio


 Zone 1 - 9   SEE ZONE MAP

Also referred to as Dwarf  Pine. One of the most cold hardy of the edible pine nut trees.  Grows on exposed sites in Siberia to Northern Japan at high altitudes.The trees require a coarse type (granular) of soil with good drainage to survive.  Colour varies from blue to gray green. Very ornamental in appearance. Maximum height at maturity to approximately 9 feet. Will produce edible nuts from age 5 - 7 years.
Needs inoculant.
Limited supply

plugs                                                                   $12.50 ea


Pinus Wallichiana

Zone 4 - 9.   SEE ZONE MAP.

The leaves ("needles") are in fascicles (bundles) of five and are 12–18 cm long with beautifu blue colouring.  Fine specimen.   They are noted for being flexible along their length, and often droop gracefully. The cones are long and slender, 16–32 cm, yellow-buff when mature, with thin scale.  Good produces of fine edible nut pine.

9 -12 inches                                                                                         15.00 ea

12-15 inches                                                                                        18.00 ea

16-18 inches                                                                                         22.00 ea


 Inoculant for Edible Pine Nut Trees

Each bag of inoculant is enough for 25 trees.                               $22.50 per bag



Korean Pine Cone on lateral branch of tree- Click Picture to Enlarge

Korean Pine Tree with cluster of cones - Click Picture to Enlarge

P. armandii Pine Cone - Click Picture to Enlarge


Charles Rhora holds Korean Pine cone - Click Picture to Enlarge

Korean Pine Cone - Click Picture to Enlarge

Mary Ann Rhora holding Korean Pine Cone - Click Picture to Enlarge


Korean Pine nuts from one cone - Click Image to EnlargeMaximum new growth; using inoculant - Click Picture to EnlargeHarvest of Edible Nut Pines from a 15 year old tree