Welcome to Rhora’s Nut Farm & Nursery.  Charles Rhora was born and raised in Wainfleet, Ontario and grew up on a farm.  He has always shown an interest in growing trees which were beneficial to the land and food production for people.  He has introduced many different types of edible nut trees, fruits, native trees, replacement trees, and Rare & Unusual trees from North America, India, Europe & Asia.  His selections over these years has always been to-wards selections based on climatic zone hardiness for Canada diverse winters.  These selections were all grown outdoors at our nursery and 35 acre orchards for selection of the best types available before being released to the public.  This ensures that our customers is always receiving the best available stock.



Acer griseum - Paper bark maple

Zone 4 to 7    SEE ZONE MAP

Among the rich variety of cultivated maples, this one is much sought after for its peeling tissue-thin coppery bark. Leaves turn scarlet and orange in fall. Still not common. Easily grown on to larger size. Styler Award of Garden Merit.

8 - 10 inches                                     Sold out
12 - 20 inches                                   Sold out

3 - 4   feet                                         Sold out

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Acer palmatum var. atropurpureum  Red Japanese Maple

Zone 4 to 7     SEE ZONE MAP

With its delecate foliage, small crown, and naturally artistic form , it creates an oriental effect in any garden. Exceptional uniformity and intensity of red colour.

10 - 17 inches

18 - 24 inches


Acer triflorum

Zone 4 to 9     SEE ZONE MAP

With it's bark peeling and flaking, tannish yellow-brown, twigs warty, leaves trifololiolate makes this an excellent specimen tree. Trees 20 - 40 feet at maturity.

18 - 30 inches                                        $25.00 each


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Aesculus chinensis - Chinese Buckeye

Zone 4 to 8    SEE ZONE MAP

Abundant white flowers adorn the branches in early summer, but the real show is in the Autumn. Flaming orange-red colour on leaves unblemished by scorch.

3 year seedlings 1/4" caliper
                                  $22.00 each


Aesculus glabra - Ohio Buckeye

Zone 4 to 8   SEE ZONE MAP

Medium to large tree of rounded shape. Attractive foliage, fall colour is variable from yellow to orange mixed with red. Height to 30 feet.

2 year seedlings 3/16"caliper
             $22.00 each


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Aesculus hippocastanum (Horsechestnut)

Zone 3 to 8    SEE ZONE MAP

Clusters of white flowers 8 to 12" long. Large fruit. Not edible. Medium growth rate. Mature height to 75 feet.

2 year seedlings 3/16" caliper
                                                   $20.00 each


Aesculus pavia - Red Buckeye

Zone 4 to 8    SEE ZONE MAP

This tree has tremendous ornamental appeal. Shiny, scorch-free foliage and bright red spring flowers. Tolerates heat well, stays small and blooms freely even in shade. It was given the Styler Award of Garden Merit

2 year seedlings 1/4"caliper
                                                       $20.00 each

Chimaecyparis pisifera filifera aurea - Gold Thread Cypress

Zone 4 to 7     SEE ZONE MAP

Bright yellow, soft threadlike foliage year around. Has a mounding growth habit to 6 ft. In height, but can be kept lower by pruning. Spread 3-4 feet. MUST BE IN FULL SUN FOR BEST COLOUR.

1 year seedling
                                                                               $20.00 each
3 year transplants
                                                                          $28.00 each

Cladrastis kentukea (lutea)  American yellow wood

Zone 4 to 7     SEE ZONE MAP

Still rare in cultivation, this an exceptional ornamental tree, having earned the prestigious Styler Award in 1994, given by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. It is noted for its drooping clusters of fragrant white flowers like Wisteria, touched with yellow in the center. Adapted to across wide ranges of soil PH, it prefers a reasonable moist, yet well drained soil with full sun and space to grow to its ultimate size.

3 year seedlings
                                                                                $25.00 each

Cletha barbinervis - Japanese Cletha

Zone 4 to 7     SEE ZONE MAP

More tree like in habit than others in this genius, Japanese Cletha has richly coloured bark which peels off to reveal colour tones of lavender, gray, and cream. Butterflies are attracted to the showy fragrant flowers. Autumn colours are yellow and red, This is a hardy, rare small tree to use in an area receiving afternoon shade.

2 year transplants                                                          
$22.00 each

Euonymus alata - Burning Bush (also known as cork tree)

Zone 4 to 7    SEE ZONE MAP

Dark green leaves, spring through summer, turning bright, clear red in fall. Corky ridges on flat, horizontal branches make this an interesting plant in the winter. Ordinary to good soil. Average moisture. HAS BEST FALL COLOUR IN FULL SUN.

  4 year transplants
                                                                            $22.00 each

Ginkgo biloba - Ginkgo

Zone 4 to 7   SEE ZONE MAP

Also called Maidenhair tree. Fan shaped leaves turn clear yellow in fall. Grows best in well drained soil. Ginkgo is not infested with insect or disease. This tree takes about 10 years to produce fruit. Therefore we cannot distinguish between male and female plants.

14 - 18"                                                                           $22.00 each

Gymnocladus dioieus - Kentucky Coffee Tree

Zone 4 to 7    SEE ZONE MAP

An under used American native. Hardy, PH adaptable, large tree of bold branch character and shaggy bark. Pest-free.

10 - 15 inches                                                                 
$24.00 each

Halesia ditera var. Magniflora - Silverbell flower

Zone 4 to 7   SEE ZONE MAP

Much sought after, this small (20 ft.) Multi-stemmed tree makes an elegant addition to a shady garden. Flowers are 2-3 times larger than those of the species, and form on plants only 3-4 years old. .

8 - 16 inches                                                                    
$26.00 each


Honeylocust- Gleditsia


Zone 4 to 7   SEE ZONE MAP


Fine textured leaves making it fine specimen lawn tree.  Grows well in all types of soils.  Tolerant to road salts.  Tall growing timber type tree to 100 feet.  Pods are well suited for domestic and other animals.

6 - 12 inches                                                                                       $24.00 each

12 -18 inches                                                                                      $26.00 each

19 - 24 inches                                                                                     $28.00 each

25 - 36 inches                                                                                     $38.00 each


Sea Buckthorn--Hippophae rhamnoides

Zone 3-8         SEE ZONE MAP       

It is a very hardy decidious shrub or small tree.  The juice from the berries is widely used as a common drink as it is very high in protein, vitamins C and E and organic acids.  The leaves, either fresh or dried, can be stepped to yield a nutritional tea.  Is used in a wide range of medicinal purposes as well.  The roots of the tree produce a nitrogen fixing agent, thus enabling the plants to grow in wide variety types of soils, ranging from sandy loam to clay types. They are not self pollinating, so you will need at least 3 for fruit production.

12 - 18 inches                                                             Sold out

19 - 30 inches                                                             Sold out

5 - 36 inches                                                                Sold out

Juniperus chinensis Saybrook Gold - Saybrook Gold Juniper

Zone 4 to 7     SEE ZONE MAP

Without a doubt the best of all golden evergreen that we know. Keeps it bright gold colour all year around, even in winter. Compact, horizontal spreader. Must be in full sun for best colour.

5 Year Transplants 
                                                               $35.00 each


Koelreuteria paniculata - Golden Raintree


 Zone  4 - 7      SEE ZONE MAP

Medium to fast growth, 12-15" panicles of 1/2" golden-yellow flowers in early summer. Ornamental papery seed pods. Valuable street or lawn tree in wide range of soils and climates.                                      

12 - 18"                                                                                         $24.00 each

Liquidambar syraciflua - Sweetgum

Zone 4 - 9

This is a widely under used ornamental tree for landscaping. With it's cork like bark and then followed by the dark red colour of the leaves in the fall.

18 to 24 inches
                                             $26.00 each


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Lirodendron tulipifera - Tulip Tree

Zone 4 to 7    SEE ZONE MAP

Known also as yellow popular. Dense foliage with uniquely shaped leaves turning yellow in fall. Tulip shaped flowers are greenish-yellow marked with orange, blooming Mid-June. Rapid growth in light, well drained soil. Fast growing.

12 - 18 inches                                                              
$20.00 each
20 - 36 inches                                                              
$26.00 each

Magnolia acuminata - Cucumbertree

Zone 4 to 7    SEE ZONE MAP

Its common name is derived from the seed-bearing fruits which develop, green at a first, then ripen to a dark red. As the seeds are expelled from the ripe fruits, they¡¯re held by elastic threads for the birds, which disperse them. A magnificent large tree, fast growing and pH adaptable.

2 year transplants
                                                                            $26.00 each


Magnolia kobus ( Kobus Magnolia)



White, lightly fragrant 4" wide blooms open March-April. Considered to be one of the most cold hardy Magnolias. Tends to multi-stem habit. Medium to dark green foliage. Blooms displayed most prolifically on older trees.

3 yr, seedlings                                                                          $24.00 each




Magnolia macrophylla - Big Leaf Magnolia

Zone 4 to 7    SEE ZONE MAP

Tree to 50 feet. Leaves to 3 feet long, having flowers to 1 foot across. Needs protection from wind.


3 year seedlings       3/16 - 1/4" caliper                         $38.00 each


Magnolia x soulangiana - Saucer Magnolia

Zone 4 - 9    

A small growing tree with exceptional early pink flowers. Flowers are produced before the tree leafs out.

3 year seedlings                               1/4" caliper                          $28.00 each

Magnolia virginiana - Sweetbay Magnolia

 Zone 4 to 7    SEE ZONE MAP

Among magnolias, distinctive for its evergreen shiny narrow leaves - pale green above and a downy white beneath. Blooms from mid-June to mid-August. A refined small tree best given a prominent place in the landscape where its lily-frangrant flowers may be appreciated.

3 yeart ransplants
                                                                             26.00 each

Metasequoia glyptostroboides - Dawn Redwood

Zone 4 to 7    SEE ZONE MAP

A deciduous conifer of vigorous upright habit.

This ancient tree evokes sentiment of awe when

 one realizes that it has endured change and upheaval essentially in its present form for millions of years. Discovered as a living fossil in China in 1941, it prefers a moist well drained soil. Winner of the Styler Award of Garden Merit. Dawn Redwood is a fast growing, pest free and fine textured conifer. Hardy and adaptable.

15 - 18 inches         
                                     $20.00 each  

18 - 24 inches                                                   $22.00 each

24 - 36 inches                                                  $32.00 each

36 - 48 inches  (5 year old)                          $45.00 each



5 year transplants
                                     $45.00 each

Oxydendrum arboreum - Sourwood

Zone 4 to 7    SEE ZONE MAP

Exceptional ornamental with handsome glossy summer foliage. A medium tree to 45 feet, it prefers full sun and an acidic, well drained soil. Honeybees relish the nectar of the delicate, heather like blooms. Autumn is a further pleasure for senses, as the foliage shows off its rich blends of orange, red and yellow.

6 - 12"                                                                                                             $24.00 ea                                                                                                                                                         

2-3 feet                                                                                                           $40.00 ea                                                                                                                                                                                         


Paeonia suffruticosa  Mu Dan - Tree Peony

Zone 4 to 7     SEE ZONE MAP

Hardy deciduous shrub 3-4 feet tall at maturity.  Abundant 5 inch flower buds form in May. These seedlings flower precociously after they are only 3-4 years old, mostly in varied hues of pink, reds, and blends of magenta, pink and white within individual flowers. Few flowering shrubs reward the gardener so richly for so little effort. In contrast to roses, tree peonies rarely require spray, fertilizer, pruning, or summer watering. Mixed colours, single and double flowers.

  3 year transplants

Pinus balfouriana
- Foxtal pine

Zone 4 to 8     SEE ZONE MAP

To 75 feet. Very slow growth. Similar to Bristlecone pine without resin spots on needles. Conical and symmetrical form, bark smooth, milky white when young. Ageing to deeply fissured reddish brown.

3 year seedlings
                  1/4"caliper                                    Sold out

Pinus bungeana - Lacebark pine

Zone 4 to 7     SEE ZONE MAP.

Bark flakes off in pieces like a jigsaw puzzle. One of the most overlooked conifers around. Its dark green needles and multi-trunked character create year-round appeal.

6 - 14 seedlings
                                                                                $32.00 each

Pinus glauca albertiana 'conica' - Dwarf Alberta Spruce

Zone 3 to 7     SEE ZONE MAP

A dwarf pyramidal evergreen with soft, very short needles. Very light, compact growth habit. Slow growing, about 1 - 3" per year to a mature height of 8 feet; spread to 4 feet.

5 year transplants
                                                                         $20.00 each

Pseudosasa kakai - Bamboo

Zone 4 to 9     SEE ZONE MAP

To 15 feet. Everygreen, rhizomatous glasses to 15 feet. Rhizomes wide creeping.

Rhezomes nodes
                                                                            $26.00 each

Pseudosasa japonica - Bamboo

Zone 4 to 9    

10 to 15 feet height. Everygreen spread less rapidly than other varieties.

Rhezomes nodes
                                                                           $26.00 each

Quercus coccinea - Scarlet Oak

Zone 4 to 7    SEE ZONE MAP

Large tree having characteristics of both Red Oak and Pin Oak: bright red fall colour, persistent leaves in winter, and rounded crown at maturity. Likes loamy well drained soil.

2 year transplants
                                                                                  $25.00 each

Quercus dentata - Japanese Emperor Tree

Zone 4 to 9   SEE ZONE MAP

Distintive leaves, some as large as a baseball mitt. Fast growing, tall stature. Leaves are reminiscent of Q. rainetto, but not as deeply lobed. RARE.

From Korea, Manchuria, and North China

5 year old                                                                                               $45.00 each

Sassafras albidum - Sasafras

Zone 4 to 7    SEE ZONE MAP

A native from Ontario to Maine and Michigan. Medium to fast growth. Likes moist, loamy acid well drained soil. The bark and roots are used for Sassafras tea. One of the most outstanding native trees for its fall color, green in summer changing to shades of yellow to deep orange to scarlet and purple in fall.       Limited supply.

 10- 16 inches                                                               sold out

 18 - 24 inches                                                              sold out


Sycamore (Platanus occidentalis)

Zone  4 - 9                     SEE ZONE MAP

Mature Height: 60-120 ft.

Soil / Climate: prefers rich, moist soil.

Notes: largest of any American hardwood.  Large, wide spreading limbs.  Leaves are large, palmately veined, four to ten inches across, with a shiny green top suface and pale underneath.  Bark is mottled with browns, yellows, and greens against a white background.  Single buttonball fruits have a hairy nut-like seeds hanging from a slender stem.  Valuable timber tree.

Wildlife: Seed is eaten by a wide variety of bird.
10 -  14 inches                                                                  $25.00 each


Taxodium distichum - Bald Cypress

Zone 4 to 7    SEE ZONE MAP

to cold climates. Despite its large stature, its landscape appeal is due to the fine lacy texture of its foliage, which becomes a memorable blend of green yellow and brown in autumn. The shaggy bark and bold architecture of its branching lend striking winter interest. Trouble free, easy to grow and transplant.

4 year transplant
                                                                                 $28.00 each

Tsuga canadensis - Canadian Hemlock

Zone 3 to 7    SEE ZONE MAP

Often acclaimed the most beautify of evergreens. Lacy, graceful growth. Short, light green, soft needles. Can be pruned to maintain a height from 2 - 12 ft. Likes moist, well drained soil.

4 year transplants



Ulmus parvifolia (Lacebark Elm)


Climatic Zone 4-8    SEE ZONE MAP


Graceful open branched tree with attractive foliage. 

Nearly evergreen in warmer areas. 

Colourful exfoliating bark resembles Sycamore.


12-18 inches                                                                    $28.00 each


Xanthoceras sorbifololium - Yellowhorn

Zone 4 to 7    SEE ZONE MAP

Small Chinese native tree having leaves recalling sorbus, and striking one-inch flowers borne in erect clusters. Blooms are cream and yellow and develop a bright red centre as they age.  The tree is noted for its landscape capacity.  It produces edible nuts which can be eaten raw or roasted. Not only are the nuts beneficial, but the leaves and other parts of trees are used for medicinal purposes.   They are being cultivated extensively as an oilseed tree to make biofuel.  The tree tolerates alkaline soil and is hardy to -35 degrees F. Prefers full sun and dry soil.

2 year transplant
                $26.00 each

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Zekkova Sinica - Chinese Zelkova

Zone 4 to 8      SEE ZONE MAP

Related to the elms, but highly resistant to Dutch Elm disease.
Dark glossy green leaves turn orange-yellow in fall.  Ornamental, scaly bark turning gray,orange & brown.  Pest & disease resistance.  Height 30 - 60 feet.

2 year                                            12-18 inches                             28.00 each


Chinese Elm (Ulmus parvifolia)

Zone 4 to 8            SEE ZONE MAP

Graceful opened branch tree with attractive foliage.  Colourful, exfoliating bark resembles the Sycamore

2 year                                              18-24 inches                             28.00 each


Zelkova serrata (Japanese Zelkova)

Zone 4-8               SEE ZONE MAP

Related to elms.  Use as specimen trees.

2 year                                               12-18 inches                             $28.00 each

Inoculant for the above..

Each bag is enough to do 20 trees..                                                                                     

                                                          Bag        $28.50 each